About Emily-Anne

I use to be that girl. The girl sitting in my undergrad class with eye opening experiences to my beloved Christan beliefs, politics, and worldly morals. Getting my Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice, I was in plenty of classes that were made to challenge my beliefs. I specifically remember writing a paper on the Death Penalty. I had to state why I believed in it and also had to refute it! I think I was believing both sides to what I was writing in a constant confused state of mind.

Abortion was no different. I knew abortion was wrong just like I knew other things I was raised to believe were wrong. But deep down inside I wasn’t quite sure what was so wrong with an abortion around 6 weeks or if a woman were raped, then possibly it should be accepted.

I truly pictured in my mind a pristine and spotless doctor’s office, where the woman climbed up onto the table while the doctor so warmly grabbed her hand and told her, “This will just take a second and it will be all over with.” She smiles back knowing she isn’t even showing yet, no one knows her secret, and within minutes she will be free of this “burden” that has so graced her life. (I have personally never thought that it was a burden, but thought that this is what women thought in this process).  After the procedure is over, she walks out feeling relieved, able to breathe again, and move on with her life. It’s done right? Time to move on.

Deep inside that is how I truly felt although I knew it was all wrong.

Then God happened. Somewhere in the midst of becoming a mother to 2 boys, voting for several presidential elections, and doing massive research, I finally realized what I knew was too pretty, too “clean”, and what the media so desperately and happily wants me to believe. I found out the heinous and shocking facts of what really happens behind those unclean walls (or hotel bathroom toilets) in some cities.

Daily or weekly I’d read something new. Something that CBS, NBC, or any media outlet would dare let you know. Celebrity divorces and juicing was all too important rather than to report on babies being murdered by suffocating with a bag on it’s head, on a cold table, left alone with nurses and doctors in hand’s reach just watching. Just watching this baby DIE.

I had a friend ask, “Why do you do that to yourself? Why do you read this? It’s so horrible!” Yes, sadly it is. But my mission is to reveal what is so grisly about abortion. What really happens. Please don’t turn your head. Please. A little baby, a human, is crying out for a stranger to help them, because their own flesh and blood mother won’t.

Some of these articles won’t be easy to read or see. So there is my disclaimer. But we have to know! It has to be stopped.


I partnered up with Rodan+Fields Dermatologists so that I can give back portions of my earnings to Hope Resource Center in Knoxville and hopefully give them my time one day soon. It is a dream-like feeling knowing that God has taken charge of this opportunity in my life. I’m beyond thrilled to be used as His instrument through this business to help others. To help those that are currently nestled in darkness and warmth in their mother’s womb, not yet knowing that they too will soon be crying for help.





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