Outside Planned Parenthood

Yesterday March 5th, I drove my car into an unfamiliar destination. After getting a little lost of course.

(The devil always finds a way when my destination seems to be Pro-Life related. Getting a little lost was a better then the flat tires I received on the interstate in 20 degree weather last time!)Image

Waiting on me was my sister who arrived 20 minutes before and was frantically calling me to hurry since the people around her were “scary”. This destination was quite unfamiliar for her as well.


My sister and I have been to a lot of places together, but definitely not this part of Knoxville. And definitely not Planned Parenthood. But here we were. Together. And with a mission. To pray.

On a gorgeous perfectly sunny day, my sister and I walked the sidewalk that so many women have walked before, yet with different destinations. So many women, with their “choice” on their shoulders, their “choice” in their belly, opening the doors to what they know will end their “choice” that they carelessly made. My sister and I walking that same sidewalk with the choice to pray for the future women whose feet will soon cover up our footsteps. And to pray for the women who so willingly “help” these misguided minds into making that final decision about their baby.

In preparing for our prayer hour for 40 Days of Life, I immediately thought of the the power of the Jericho Walk in Joshua 6:1-27. If you are unfamiliar with the story, God told Joshua to march around the city for 6 days.Then he said:

 “It shall be that when they make a
long blast with the ram’s horn, and when you hear the sound
of the trumpet, all the people shall shout with a great shout;
and the wall of the city will fall down flat, and the people
will go up every man straight ahead.” (Joshua 6:1-6)

This powerful story can be greatly used to pray over government, buildings, neighborhoods, churches, and even your country. In fact, I once did this, praying around my house that would not sell when we were paying 2 mortgages!

Unfortunately, facing the guidelines that Planned Parenthood had us follow, I wasn’t allowed to “walk” around their building in prayer. Who needs a special strip of grass to pray on when I’m across the street facing their doors? Like they say, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. No pun intended. Praying on my sidewalk was just fine. And that is exactly what I did.

I prayed for our gift of life God has given us. For the babies that are in danger of being aborted this month and for the moms to find the wisdom and strength they need to choose life. I prayed for the churches in our community; for them to reach out. I prayed for the abortionists, the nurses, doctors and even the secretaries, to feel conviction. I asked the Lord for continued strength to speak out against abortion, as this is definitely no easy task He has called me to. 

“You are the salt of the earth…You are the light of the world.” Matthew 5:13-14

I had a few print outs that I researched and found helpful. A guideline specifically for 31 days. If you are interested in one for yourself, here is the link below. We need YOU! Just because you can’t pray in front of the clinic doesn’t mean we don’t need your prayers! Slip it into your Bible and pray daily for the next month as our city prays for the next 40 days.



Young beautiful woman, yellow cardigan, blue scarf, brunette pony-tail…I know you won’t look my way, but I see you. I know how you left the building with out a passing glance towards the sidewalk. And I know how it made you squirm in your car to have to sit at a long red light right next to me and another. But there was no judgement from me. No evil eyes. Just love. A full heart of love only wanting to reach out to you. And pray for you. Whatever your circumstances may be, I prayed so hard for you.

Striking blonde, woman in your 60’s, bold print sweater and fashionable jewelry. I prayed for you too. For your children and grandchildren. Prayers for whatever you represent and how your job may affect you. Maybe you don’t want to work there but you have to. Maybe you feel something odd in your heart when you hold your grandchild but go back to work the next day ending lives of those just like your own. No judgement from me. Just healing, loving prayers sent your way.

I can’t help but think as we sit quietly in prayer, no yelling, no condemnation, just peace, that if you can’t look our way, what do you have to be ashamed of? What are you hiding?

I’m thrilled to have met the strong, courageous women I did meet yesterday. And to know there are other women, young and old, in the community fighting this fight with me. I’m so happy to know I have stood next to my sister on my wedding day and most frequently her wedding day, and can now also stand next to her on a sidewalk that has once been covered with tears of innocent blood lost, and pray.

I’m beyond ecstatic that here in America we still have our freedom to be a part of an organization like 40 Days of Life! As previous director and manager of Planned Parenthood, Abbey Johnson, said this week:

“I wanted to share a stat with you that I heard from Planned Parenthood at the last national conference I attended in 2009.

They told us that when people are outside praying at clinics the “no show rate for abortion appointments goes up to 75%.” In other words, when people are outside praying, the percentage of women who have abortion appointments, but don’t show up is 75%.

If that’s not a reason to go and pray outside an abortion clinic, then I don’t know what is. To find a location near you, visit: http://40daysforlife.com/knoxville.html

Check out their link for more information on how you can help! Also, I did a post back in October about 40 Days for Life and you can view that below. I highly recommend reading it to learn more about this awesome program!



My awesome sister!



Would love your feedback! And most importantly, your prayers!

Emily-Anne Buck