It’s a Girl!

“It’s a girl, it’s a girl, it’s a girl, it’s a girl, it’s a girl, it’s a girl, it’s a girl!”

Thirty one years ago, on October 10th, 1982, those were my own mother’s very words. After having a son, she was beyond ecstatic to find out early that October morning, that she had been blessed with a little girl. What a blessing it is to know that I was WANTED. 

Sadly, this isn’t the case in so many of our nation’s births and of our world’s births. We have all heard of the stories in China, of the government’s stand on one-child families. If you are unacquainted with the horrors of China’s way of limiting it’s population growth, let me catch you up to speed on a few facts.

In March of this year, the Chinese government released statistics showing that 336 million abortions had been performed under its family planning policies, dating back to the 1970’s.

China’s sex ratio  at birth is more imbalanced than the global average. There are about 113 boys born in China for every 100 girls.  There is evidence of sex-selective abortion, neglect, abandonment, and even infanticide of infant females.

For families who observe the One Child Policy, there are rewards: higher wages, better schooling and employment, and preferential treatment in obtaining governmental assistance and loans. For families who violate the One Child Policy, there are sanctions: fines, employment termination, and difficulty in obtaining governmental assistance. Some wealthier families have as many kids as they want because they can afford to pay the fines issued.

Files are kept on every woman of child-bearing age by the local councils, who are assisted by networks of informants. Women who have children without permission—and are found out—are often forced to have abortions or sterilizations. If they refuse to cooperate, thugs are sometimes sent to destroy their houses or beat them up. If they run away sometimes their parents or relatives are imprisoned.

There have been reports of some provinces forcing women who became pregnant in violation of the policy to undergo late-term abortions or sterilizations. There were earlier stories of female infants being killed because of a preference for boys

“Forced abortion isn’t really legal, but the law isn’t clear and different jurisdictions interpret it different ways,” He Yafu, a demographer and family planning expert, told the Los Angeles Times. To complicate matters, abortions and sterilizations are often performed at family planning clinics, where, by the admission of Chinese officials, medical training and equipment can be inadequate.

“In 2009, a woman in Liaocheng, also in Shandong province, died after being forced to get an abortion a week before her due date. Family planning officials said that Feng Junhua bled to death during a staff shift change at the clinic. It wasn’t even a proper hospital. The facilities were no good,” said a man familiar with the case who asked not to be identified for fear of retribution. He said that Feng had left her village to give birth, but went back briefly to take care of things at home and was grabbed by family planning employees. “They took her when she was alone. They had no permission. Nobody agreed. It wasn’t right.”

Feng Junhua already had one child, a 10-year-old boy, but badly wanted another and felt at age 38 that she was running out of time. “People in the countryside want two children, so that they can help each other,” said the man, who knew the family.


Here is a blurred photo of a baby forcibly aborted at 7 months gestation. You can view the unblurred picture here:


The mother of this child was a 33 year old woman who was found out to be illegally pregnant by an informant, where she was later dragged to the hospital and was injected with a needle into the uterus to kill the baby and induce labor.

And here is another story, of a woman named Sky News, where earlier this month, 20 officials burst into her home at 4am, where they induced her with drugs to kill their baby boy at 6 months gestation.

Here is her heart-breaking interview here:

After the baby was expelled from her body, the boy was placed in a bucket next to her bedside.


“Sadly, they are not alone.  The Chinese government will forcibly abort women up to the ninth month of pregnancy. These forced abortions are sometimes so violent that the women themselves die along with their full term babies.  Forced abortion is official government rape.

Does your heart break when you hear this? When you view this shaken woman’s tears and this father’s heart break on camera, do you even blink, or do you weep with them?

Don’t turn away from reading this. I beg of you. Don’t stop this video because you can’t bear the pain. Don’t read this and move on because it’s in another country and it’s not happening here.  Our women may not be dragged brutally out of the comfort of their homes at night and be forced to have abortions in America, but it is happening here. It doesn’t matter how the baby is murdered, whether be it violent force or the gentle voice of it’s mother saying, “Go ahead. I want this”.  It’s murder however which way you look it.

How about the 17 year old that was caught shop lifting in Manhattan, and inside her Victoria Secret shopping bag was a dead baby? The lab results revealed just this week the baby was in fact born alive, full term, and died by asphyxiation.

And what about the 26 yr old mother in Pennsylvania that is facing murder charges because she birthed a baby in a sports bar, suffocated him, stuffed his body in a toilet, then went back to watching a wrestling match in her blood stained clothes?

THAT makes you angry, correct? Of course it does. No decent human can read those last 2 stories that has any morally sound ethics and a heart and decide that this is ok. She should be charged with murder. She should face life in prison or the death penalty.

So let me ask you, where is you heart when a baby that is the same age as the above mentioned child that was birthed in a bathroom stall, has his limbs ripped apart? Has been beaten to death by long medical tools while gasping for breath, fighting for a freedom it may never know? And finally is suctioned out by a tube as it’s bones crush and crumble through the tube?

It is quite ironic that these babies can be aborted with no hesitation because the child is simply living in utero. If it were a doctor pulling this child out in the bathroom stall in a hotel room, there is no persecution. If the child has surfaced, takes a breath, it is now  life taken. Murder by Pro-Choice’s own definition.


The safest place a baby should be is in it’s mother.

“It’s a girl, it’s a girl, it’s a girl……”

Those words. Those words can be joy or they can mean murder. How I cry out that this society has become one that can choose death because, “it’s a girl.”

Recently there has been shocking revelation that some doctors in Britain have been aborting female babies solely on the grounds of their gender.

This is higher in Asian communities, but it is reaching us slowly but surely. And doctors that have revealed they are practicing sex selection abortions aren’t being prosecuted.
Where are our feminists? The ones that speak out about “their” bodies and demand woman’s rights? Shouldn’t there be an outrage by these woman that their gender is being stomped on? No. It is ignored or quite bizarrely defended.

‘There is no legal requirement to deny a woman an abortion if she has a sex preference,’ said the chief executive of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS), Ann Furedi. Going even further, she argued that any attempt to restrict gender selection would undermine a woman’s right to choice.

‘We either support a woman’s capacity to decide or we don’t. You can’t be pro-choice except when you don’t like the choice,’ she trumpeted.

Is this not the opposite of the barbarity of what feminists fight for?
A few weeks ago I sat at lunch with a friend on the job. I’ve known him for 7 years and although I’ve never met his wife, I feel like I know her. Being that I have 2 kids of my own, families and talk of kids has always come up. They can’t have children and finally coming to terms with it decided that was ok for them. Until now. That day at lunch my friend held his phone over for me to see Ainsley. There she was, the cutest, round cheeked, pig-tailed (3 might I add!) little Asian girl I had ever seen. One years old. My heart fluttered. His smile got huge.
“We are praying about it,” he said.
How many Ainsleys are out there? How many orphans needing homes because they were born with the crime of being a girl? Or in fact, weren’t born at all? How many, precious, gentle, beautiful little ones, are sitting at the feet of Jesus?
girl jesus


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